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Name: Apidra Solostar Ready Pen
Substance: Insulin Glulisine Injection by Sanofi
1 Pack: 5 pens x 3ml (100 iu/ml)

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What is the effect of insulin?

  • How does insulin work?
  • Insulin is a growth hormone
  • How is insulin used?
  • We select dosages
  • Insulin varieties
  • Is it dangerous to use insulin?
  • Pros and cons of insulin

The hormone insulin is produced in the pancreas and takes part in many metabolic processes in the body. And in order to clearly understand when and why it is necessary to take insulin, first of all, it is important to understand what properties it has and what functions it performs in the body.

What is the effect of insulin?

First . Reduces the amount of glucose that is in the blood through improved absorption into all cells of the body. Due to this effect, glycogen synthesis is improved and accelerated (in the liver and muscles), but at the same time the process of accumulation of adipose tissue is accelerated. Moreover, for insulin there is no difference which tissues become more permeable to glucose (fatty or muscle). Also, insulin helps to reduce the amount of fatty acids in the blood, which is also the reason for the accumulation of fat.

Second . Insulin influences protein synthesis (enhances), and also provides amino acid synthesis. Due to this property, a large number of athletes often take insulin.

How does insulin work?

Let’s start with a theoretical basis on what effect insulin has on the body and from what muscle mass grows .

There is one biggest myth that almost everyone believes in: muscle grows and grows through exercise. All this is a lie! Workoutsjust the same they are destroyed. Strength training is the cause of catabolism (a process that breaks down muscle fibers). Some of the destroyed protein fibers are converted into fuel, which is used by the body as a result of increased stress. After training, during the recovery process, the damaged fibers are restored again. Moreover, the adaptation of the body after regular strength training changes slightly: it is not just the recovery of what was spent, but the recovery with excess. It turns out that the muscles after resting from peak loads become a little larger, a little more powerful, a little more enduring. So it turns out that you need to rest correctly between workouts and long enough for the body to recover, and not exhaust yourself with training while the muscles are still brutally sore.

After intense training, muscles quickly begin to decay. After the injection of insulin, the blood sugar level drops sharply, which the body does not like at all, because it urgently needs to take somewhere a sufficient amount of sugar and “feed” the depleted organs and tissues. And at this moment he has to synthesize glucose from “improvised means” (fast carbohydrates). This, of course, is a very simple scheme, but it is enough to understand how insulin works.

Insulin is a growth hormone

Regular intake of insulin in a sports environment is associated with great risks, but in some situations it is simply necessary in order to maintain and maintain your health. This is due to the intake of growth hormones.

Taking growth hormone affects the body in such a way that the concentration of glucose in the blood rises sharply. As a result, the pancreas begins to work hard to produce insulin and bring blood sugar back to normal. But when the intake of growth hormone continues for a long time, and its dosages are high, then there is a great risk of depleting the pancreas and developing insulin-dependent diabetes. To prevent such risks, injectable insulin is always taken in parallel with growth hormone (plays the role of the pancreas).

Insulin location . In between seasons, insulin is used along with steroids to improve the anabolic effect, as well as in between courses (which reduces the loss of built-up muscles).

How is insulin used?

There are a huge number of schemes in total, but I will now talk about the 4 simplest ones that are best used in the offseason.

Accepted after training . The main purpose of this type of intake is to avoid the accumulation of fat and to speed up the recovery process of the body after intense exercise. Immediately after training, proceed as follows:

1) Make an injection of a short or short insulin;

2) Drink whey protein / amino acids;

3) Take simple carbohydrates.

If desired, glutamine or creatine can be added to the mixture to the carbohydrates. You also need to remember to eat the scheduled meal one hour after taking the protein.

Accepted before training . This regimen prevents muscle wasting during the workout itself. This means you can train harder and lift more weight. It is important to remember that this technique is more suitable for those who already have experience using insulin. The main difficulty of the scheme lies in the individuality of the selection of doses of the drug, as well as the required amount of carbohydrates (which will have to be eaten before training and drunk during training).

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