Testaplex C 250


Name: Testaplex C 250
Substance: Testosterone Cypionate (Test-C injection) by Axiolabs
1 Pack: 10ml vial (250mg/ml)

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Testaplex C 200 from the manufacturer AxioLabs is an analogue of testosterone that is produced in the human body. The main active ingredient is testosterone cypionate. Available in the form of a long-acting liquid for injection. The drug is used by athletes and bodybuilders – it significantly improves athletic performance, as well as the quality of training. In its action, it is similar to enanthate, to be more precise, in many respects, these two funds are identical.

During the course of Testaplex C from Axiolabs, the following effects are noted:

    • fast set of muscle mass;

    • improved strength indicators;

    • decreased feeling of fatigue;

    • accelerated tissue regeneration process;

    • increased sex drive;

    • positive effect on joints and ligaments;

    • accelerated process of burning fat cells;

    • aromatization.

This pharmacology provides invaluable assistance to athletes in training, but despite this, exceeding the recommended doses leads to a number of side effects. In addition, after completing the course, it will be advisable to take Clomid to restore the natural balance of the hormone.

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