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Questions & Answers

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I always have two of my favorite cycles for this.

To the mass, will go for a beginner.

  • Deca 10cb, sust 10cb, methane 100tabl, per pc clomid proviron
  • Deca 2 cubes per week, you can at a time, for example, in BT
  • Sust 2 cubes per week, twice, for example, on Monday and Thursday
  • Proviron starting from the second week of the cycle, 1 tablet
  • after proviron, after the end of the cycle of clomid, 1 tablet per day.

in the pharmacy cabergoline (dostinex), starting from the second week of the cycle, 0.25 mg every 4 days, and ending 2 weeks after the cycle.

On dry muscle mass, it will dry very well.

  • Tren acetate 20cc every 2 days cube
  • Winstrol liquid 20 cube every 2 days cube
  • Sustanon 10 cube 2 cubes per week
  • on the Proviron cycle from 2 weeks, 1 tablet
  • after the cycle in a week, Clomid, 1 tablet

take cabergoline (dostinex) 0.25mg at the pharmacy every 4 days. start from the 3rd week of the cycle and continue drinking after 2-3 weeks.

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