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Norditropin – growth hormone in a convenient release form

Norditropin is an artificially created growth hormone composed of 191 amino acids. In structure, the peptide substance fully corresponds to the hormone that is secreted by the pituitary gland. This means that its main purpose is to improve metabolism, to stimulate the growth of bones and muscle mass, and to remove body fat. Also, the drug has a complex effect on many physiological processes in the body. Therefore, not only people with a pathological lack of GH try to buy it, but also athletes involved in strength sports.

Pharmacological action and indications for use

Once in the body, Norditropin stimulates the transport of amino acids into cells. They, in turn, accelerate protein synthesis, due to which muscle growth and a qualitative increase in long bones occur. Athletes report a significant anabolic effect.

The drug, with regular, course use, also affects the absorption of nitrogen, sodium, phosphorus, calcium by the body. Thus, there is a healing and rejuvenation of the body. The tissues are strengthened. Development takes place in a planned manner.

Norditropin also retains liquid, which affects the slowdown of catabolic processes. The result of taking the drug is a toned, athletic body with well-defined muscles and a minimum amount of subcutaneous fat.

Another feature of Norditropin is that it increases blood glucose. The level of this substance will have to be monitored separately, passing tests on time. While taking a course of growth hormone, it is also important to take tests for growth hormone and tumor markers in order to prevent an excess of the hormone in the blood.

Thus, the indications for the use of the drug are:

  • GH deficiency in children and adults;
  • Childhood renal failure;
  • Shereshevsky-Turner syndrome;
  • Preparing for competitions to build muscle mass and improve strength.

Athletes also use this synthetic growth hormone for other purposes.

The use of Norditropin by athletes

The instruction for this substance indicates that it can be used for the purpose of:

  • Optimization of the protein-carbohydrate balance, which will affect the decrease in appetite and rapid weight loss (weight loss);
  • Rejuvenation, which occurs by building new collagen structures in the body;
  • Hormone replacement therapy, including in terms of increasing libido;
  • Strengthening the immune system, which is made possible by cell growth and regeneration.

With such a comprehensive strengthening of the body, the price of Norditropin remains affordable for most athletes. You can buy it with its original structure and high purity of the formula in our online pharmacy.

Norditropin course

The presented growth hormone is available in the form of ready-made solutions for injections, lyophilized powders and a reusable syringe pen. Regardless of the form of release, Norditropin should be used as a course. Reviews indicate that the first results are noticeable as early as 3-4 weeks. The maximum duration of taking the drug is no more than 12-14 weeks.

The manufacturer recommended starting the intake of the substance from 2-4 units, gradually increasing the dosage to 10 units. When contacting a pharmacy for Norditropin, it should be remembered that professional athletes often increase the dose to 20-30 units per day. This means that it is worth buying the drug in the amount that would be enough for the entire course.

It remains to be noted that improper use of the drug can cause joint pain, dizziness, and an allergic rash. In this case, it is recommended to reduce the dosage or consult a doctor regarding course adjustments.

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