Ephedrine 50 mg/ml 1 AMP


Name: Ephedrine 50 mg/ml 1 AMP
Substance: Ephedrine injection by Osel
1 Pack: 1 amp x 1ml (50mg/ml)

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What is Ephedrine ?

Ephedrine is a drug that has a stimulating effect, helps with weight loss and reduces appetite. It is actively used in bodybuilding. Ephedrine is a sympathomimetic that, due to its properties, releases catecholamines from nerve endings. It has no particular effect on the nerves. Ephedrine is gaining popularity not only in sports, but also among people who just want to keep track of their figure and maintain it. Also, the drug increases strength and endurance, helps with training.

The positive qualities and effects of Ephedrine

The main quality that makes Ephedrine so popular is the burning of unnecessary fat . But other positive effects on the use of the drug are also important, namely:


  • Reduces hunger, the body gets used to smaller proportions than before, and even if you stop taking Ephedrine, the appetite will be the same as when using it.
  • Affects the psychological state. Energy and strength increase, mental activity and reaction increase. Helps to respond quickly to unexpected situations.
  • The pulse becomes faster, the metabolism is accelerated. By increasing the metabolism, the body burns a lot of calories that do not have time to form into the fat layer.
  • Increases work activity and endurance during training.
  • When fat is burned, the muscles remain in their previous shape, do not lose their elasticity.


Methods of application and dosage of Ephedrine

Apply Ephedrine in the morning after drinking 2.5 liters of water. The dosage should not exceed 75 milligrams per day. Ephedrine is used in an amount of 50 mg in combination with Metoprolol – 50 mg daily. It is advisable not to use the drug at night, it will work best before lunch. The correct dosages must be strictly observed.


Combining Ephedrine with other drugs

Before using Ephedrine , you should study all its features. Studies have shown that in a month body fat can decrease from 1 to 3 kilograms without proper training. The optimal dosage rate of the drug is 25 to 75 milligrams per day.

To achieve high results, athletes mix the drug with coffee, since it is coffee that has the ability to burn fat. With a dose of 200 milligrams of coffee and 20 milligrams of Ephedrine , the result is significantly improved.

A similar result can be achieved by mixing Ephedrine with Aspirin. You should take 25 milligrams of Ephedrine, 250 milligrams of caffeine, and 250 milligrams of Aspirin no more than three times a day. It is not worth stretching the course for a long time, a maximum of 2 weeks. It is advisable that the dosage of the drug is prescribed by the doctor.

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