Test P 100


Name: Test P 100
Substance: Testosterone Propionate (Test-P injection) by Hutech Labs
1 Pack: 10ml vial (100mg/ml)

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Hutech Labs Test P100, 100mg / ml – price for 1 ampoule.

Hutech Labs TEST P100 is a short testosterone ester produced by the addition of the hormone propionic acid to the molecule. It is from this substance that the ether got its name – testosterone propionate. It is an excellent anabolic for high quality drying or gaining cycles.

Propionic acid does not change the properties of the hormone and propionate is completely identical to endogenous testosterone. The difference between them lies only in the half-life. Like other testosterone esters, propionate is prone to aromatization, which is, in fact, its only drawback. On the other hand, to gain mass, aromatization must proceed, but at a certain rate.

It should also be said that the steroid has a negative effect on the pituitary axis, which is quite solvable with the help of auxiliary drugs. The steroid is actively used by competitive athletes. The point here is not only that Testosterone propionate is the price, but primarily in the time of its detection. Doping tests can detect traces of the use of this AAS for a month, which is very good, as most other drugs can be found over a longer period of time.

Positive qualities of Hutech Labs TEST P100

  • The growth of muscle tissue cells is accelerated.
  • Fats are burned.
  • The production speed of IGF-1 is increased.
  • The quality of the relief of the muscles and the hardness of the muscles are improved.
  • The body recovers faster from physical exertion.
  • The risks of developing certain heart diseases are reduced.

Application and dosage Hutech Labs TEST P100

If you need to carry out a drying cycle or gain only high-quality mass, then you definitely should buy Testosterone Propionate. This is one of the best AAS for this purpose. The steroid should be administered every second day in the amount of 50 milligrams. This dose is designed for beginners and can be increased if the athlete has extensive experience in using anabolic steroids.

Proviron should be taken during the cycle to control aromatization. For restorative therapy, use tamoxifen and cortisol blockers to reverse the rollback. During combined cycles are applied in conjunction with the propionate trenbolone , Primobolan , masteron or stanozolol .


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