Aquatest 100 (10 amps)


Name: Aquatest 100 (10 amps)
Substance: Test Suspension (Testosterone injection) by Balkan Pharmaceuticals
1 Pack: 10 x 1ml amp (100mg/ml)

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Aquatest 100 mg / ml

The Balkan Pharma company, popular among domestic athletes, produces a unique preparation aquatest 100  testosterone suspension. It is a free form testosterone diluted in water. Its properties are fully consistent with those of a natural hormone and, unlike esters of this substance, an aqueous suspension has a short half-life of one day.


Like all steroids, the suspension was originally developed for use in traditional medicine. Note that the first analogue of this drug was created in the thirties of the last century.

If you decide to buy a testosterone suspension, then after using the drug you will get the same effects as after using other esters of the male hormone. The only difference between the two is the solvents and the half-life of the working component.

Since traces of using the suspension in the body can be found only within 30 days after the last injection, the drug can be used at the final stage of preparation for the tournament. This steroid is most often used by professionals for this very purpose. Thanks to the water suspension, you can not only increase the effectiveness of your training, but also increase your motivation.

Application of AQUATEST

Athletes of all skill levels can use the aqueous suspension. For obvious reasons, the drug is not suitable for girls. This is primarily due to the high androgenic properties of AQUATEST, which can lead to masculinization.

During the day, athletes need to inject from 50 to 100 milligrams of the drug. Since the half-life of AQUATEST is short, you will need to inject it every day. Note that the capacity of the ampoule is 50 milligrams, which is very convenient.

You can use AQUATEST solo, but more results can be obtained by combining the suspension with other anabolic steroids. For this, you can use almost all AAS. Such as stanazalol , turinabol and others.

Reviews about AQUATEST

Many athletes are wondering if it is advisable to use AQUATEST. You can read aquatest reviews and then make a decision. However, if the use of this steroid is consistent with the goals, then it can be a great tool for your progress.

It makes little sense to talk about the quality of the drug, since Balkan Pharma simply does not have bad products. Online reviews will prove this fact to you. We also remind you that the company takes care of the protection of its steroids, and you always have the opportunity to check the purchased goods for authenticity.

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