Name: Nebido
Substance: Testosterone Undecanoate Injection by Bayer Schering Turkey
1 Pack: 1 amp (4 ml /250mg/ml)

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Manufacturer – Bayer

Release form – injection, 4ml 250mg

Active ingredient – Testosterone Undecanoate

Nebido is a steroid with a long-term effect on the body (10 to 14 weeks), which manifests itself gradually. During this time, it helps to provide the body with endogenous, biologically active testosterone at the physiological level. It has 100% androgenic and anabolic activity from the natural male sex hormone. Does not adversely affect the liver.

Initially, the drug was used in the field of medicine to treat people with problems with the production of the natural male hormone, during hormone replacement therapy. Also, it can be a stimulant of immunity, when combined with iron, it increases hemoglobin, promotes accelerated wound healing, when combined with calcium, it can increase bone density. Later, it found widespread use among athletes – bodybuilders.

The famous German pharmaceutical company Bayer Pharmaceuticals is engaged in the production of the steroid. It is produced in the form of an oil solution for injection with a concentration of an active substance, which is testosterone undecanoate, 4ml / 1000mg.

You can buy a medication in our ” steroid shop “. But it should be noted that the price is quite high.

Properties and effects

  • Promotes a set of high-quality muscle mass;
  • Organizes nitrogen balance and phosphorus metabolism;
  • Fixes sexual behavior and spermatogenesis;
  • Increases motivation and improves mood;
  • Due to the production of additional red cells, erythrocytes, it increases the amount of oxygen in the blood, which increases efficiency;
  • Increases sex drive, erection.

How to take Nebido?

Before taking Nebido, you need to consult. Attention is drawn to the physiological characteristics of the body, individual intolerance, the purpose of consumption, the experience of using steroids are taken into account. May be taken by beginners with the primary use of sports pharmacology.

The drug should be injected intramuscularly immediately after the ampoule is opened. Long-term presence of the product in an open ampoule does not allow its use. With very slow administration of the solution, it is necessary to control so that it does not enter the blood vessels.

The recommended frequency of injections is once every 10 to 14 weeks . In the intervals between injections, the testosterone level in the blood should be monitored.

At the end of the Nebido course, post-cycle therapy is recommended, including estrogens, such as Clomid or Anastrozole .


To achieve the best performance Testosterone “Nebido” can be combined with other steroids both in the course for building muscle mass, and for the clarity of the relief pattern of the muscles. It shows itself well in a joint cycle with Deka .

Side effects:

  1. Failure of the cardiovascular system.
  2. Retains fluid in tissues.
  3. Provokes the development of gynecomastia.
  4. Aggressive behavior, anxiety.
  5. Sleep disturbance.
  6. Diarrhea.

To avoid the listed negative phenomena, one should not independently prescribe the dosage of the medication and exceed the permissible dose. Contact our consultant for help (Free).


In their reviews, athletes – bodybuilders note a slight increase in muscle mass and an insignificant increase in the degree of strength indicators, by only 10 – 15%. The low likelihood of side effects of the drug was positively noted.


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